Are MRI Scans Dangerous?

If you didn’t already know, a MRI is used to take images of almost any part of the body. A MRI can be used to differentiate between fat, water, muscle, and other soft tissue in the body. Once your physician has analyzed the imaging, it can be used to diagnose various diseases and conditions.

MRI scanners do not use any form of ionizing radiation that can be damaging to our body, they instead it uses a strong magnetic field to produce an image.

Are There Any Risks?

If you don’t properly prepare for the process, you may damage the machinery. Because the scanner uses a strong magnetic field, the patient will need to remove anything metal that they have on their person. If the machine attracts any external magnetic objects, the machinery can suffer damage.

Foremost, you should discuss with your physician to ensure that a MRI is the best imaging procedure for you to use. If you have any artificial body parts, or are going through chemotherapy, you shouldn’t have an MRI scanning.

Who Can Benefit from A MRI?

If your physician suspects that you may be suffering from an internal illness, an MRI will give a clear picture as to what is going in your head. Taking images of the body including the head, joints, abdomen, legs, etc. can provide incredible contrast. One of the main benefits would be that the MRI accounts for swelling and inflammation in the body that an X-ray cannot provide.

There is a reason why it has been a tried and true method within the healthcare system for years. It gives doctors the information they need to make the correct diagnosis.

Hudson River Radiology

At our locations, the radiologists we have on our teams are experts in providing incredible healthcare support and friendliness to every client that requires our services. From MRI scans to X-ray imaging, we have everything you’re looking for in an outpatient service.

If you need imaging services in New Jersey, we’re the place to call. We’d love to hear from you and discuss how imaging is vital in detecting and diagnosing potential medical conditions.

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