Breast Imaging

What is Breast Imaging?

There are a variety of breast imaging procedures that can help detect and diagnose breast cancer early. Diagnostic Mammography and Ultrasound are often given to women suspected of having breast cancer, either because of symptoms or a screening test result. Diagnostic tests are also used to help physicians determine the best treatment for patients. Screening Mammography is for asymptomatic patients, most women over the age of 40 are covered by their insurance for one screening mammography per year.

Why get a Breast Imaging test?

Breast imaging tests are most often used to identify signs and detect breast cancer early, when it is the easiest to treat.

How do I prepare for a Breast Imaging procedure?

There are different types of breast imaging procedures that your physician may ask you to do, and these procedures may require different preparation. However, there are general procedure preparation guidelines to be aware of, such as: wearing a two-piece outfit (as you’ll need to undress from the waist-up), bringing previous breast imaging results, etc.

How do I know if I’m at risk for breast cancer?

There are several factors that are linked to breast cancer, including personal/family history with breast cancer, age, breast density, and other risk factors. The best way to find out if you’re at risk for breast cancer is to talk to your doctor.